This Post Has Been Brought To You By Several Corporations Who Are Hell Bent On Targeting Your Wallet

I don’t know what I was expecting to find in Baltimore, Maryland. The only time I’ve heard it mentioned was in the musical ‘Hairspray’.

Unfortunately we only got to see the touristic side of the city, which wasn’t bad per se, but it was unpleasant being bombarded by the materialistic aspects of the city.

For example, there is a schooner docked in the bay that was used in the civil war. Hanging from the mast of the boat were flags advertising a bank.

A few meters onward was the Maryland World Trade Center. There was a memorial statue near it commemorating the 9/11 attack, and etched on it were the names of the companies who helped erect the statue. Nothing says remember our dead like an engraved commercial.

I know that America is a strongly capitalist nation, but I feel that sometimes the big corporations have too much power and influence. Or maybe that’s just me watching too many movies.

We also saw a hunk of scrap metal scavenged from the wreck of the fallen World Trade Center in New York. Even after all these years I still get the impression that I’m supposed to apologize for what had happened.

The rest of evening passed by like the others; overpriced food, unbearable heat and the rush to meet up with the others on time lest we get yelled at yet again.

I feel like I’m beginning to settle in, my apartment feels like home and I’m getting a routine going.



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