During today’s lecture we did a lot of self-analysis; what values we hold, how we perform in a group, etc. But what was interesting was the part where others analyze our behaviour.

I don’t usually talk or even think about what values I hold. I know what my values are in the middle of a situation where I need to know what action I will take. I don’t think about it beforehand and I don’t really analyze it afterwards. I also believe in absolute values, which wasn’t really discussed. We focused more on relative morals and individual beliefs.

We analyzed each others’ behaviour, and others saw me as an information giver and initiator, but also competitive. I would say that’s pretty accurate. Is there aspects of myself I would improve? Of course. Would I actively try to improve them? Well….that’s where it gets kinda fuzzy. I don’t treat this subject lightly, and it’s very important to me. Right now we are extremely vulnerable and exposed to so many different ideas and concepts, so I don’t want to confuse myself.

I’ve said before that my favorite aspect of this program is interacting with the other students, but I’ve now begun to notice that these interactions are being influenced by the things we are learning, whether we are conscious about it or not. The way we debate, deal with issues, work in groups, everything is more….mature, I guess is the word. We’re starting to think more like problem solvers and less like kids.

Oh, and one things I learned today, again from David, is that, when debating, always say “I believe..” or “I think…” instead of just stating your opinion as a fact. I tried it and the results were extremely positive. This is not about the art of debate, but the art of connecting with people. It’s still kind of hard for me to let myself be more open, or to seek criticism, but I feel that what I gain makes it worth it.

One last thing; I’m a community leader this week! So far things have gone smoothly, I’m definitely in my own playing field here. It’ll definitely be an enlightening experience.


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