Rule of Law, Rule of God

Today was a very eye-opening class on the rule of law in American society, it’s application, extent and impact.

We began discussing the rule of law in our own countries, and analyzing the extent that customs and traditions affect the rule of law in a country.

What makes things different in our countries is that the element of religion is present very strongly in both our daily lives and our communities. The rule of law must be compatable with our religious beliefs in order for them to be accepted by the people.

And of course I’m not even pretending to be objective here. I believe strongly in Islamic Law and I’m not ashamed to say it. Islam and democracy are not mutually exclusive, and the Islamic system of law was successfully implemented at one time in the Middle East with amazing results.

So why are we, as Muslims, so ashamed to admit it, or push it away (at least in front of non-Muslims)?

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