Op-Ed: Burma’s Silent Genocide

You wouldn’t think, in this day and age, that the mass murder of  a large group of people would go unnoticed or unacknowledged. The Syrian crisis is always in the news, the Palestinian plight is widely known. But no one can hear the Rohingyas.

There is a genocide going on in Burma. Innocent people are being killed en masse in an act reminiscent of the Holocaust. Their crime? Being Muslim.

You’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of this before. Many doubt the veracity of the story because no major news outlets are talking about it. But now that the issue has reached the UN and Human Rights Watch, it is beginning to receive attention. The ugly truth is that the media, whether deliberately or not, has failed.

Google it and the best you’ll get is a Wikipedia page an a handful of articles. It’s no wonder why people are doubtful. Wouldn’t an issue this big make the headlines?

Here are the facts:

Again I ask, how can a massacre of this magnitude be largely ignored? It boggles the mind and begs the question, would the media at large ignore these kinds of catastrophes if it does not serve their interests?

Burma is a relatively unknown country, and the Rohingya people are virtually unheard of. A similar incident occurred with the Uighur Muslims of China a few years back, and then also there was minimal media coverage.

Social media is playing a bigger role in this conflict than the mainstream media, with the story gaining momentum especially on Twitter. It’s a testament to how much social media has changed the world that, while the Rohingya people have been persecuted for decades, only now is there story beginning to emerge.

To be Continued…


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