Syria in Libya’s Footsteps?

Fighting has intensified in Syria (how many times have I heard that about Libya?) as the Syrian opposition (the people dammit!) gain power over the Assad regime. And now they’re calling for a no-fly zone .

It seems like the idea for implementation of a no-fly zone is a far possibility. But, again, they said the exact same thing about Libya.

So, will Syria’s revolution take the same path as Libya’s? So far, no two revolutions have been the same. But as the situation deteriorates there have been persistent cries for Western intervention.

So, what should Western powers do? If they intervene, they will face the same accusations of meddling in the affairs of the Middle East. If they stand back, they will be accused of only assisting the countries that serve their interest. All the while, more and more are murdered everyday at the hands of Bashaar’s homicide machine.

What about the Arab countries? Lend a hand to your suffering brethren!

They can’t, because they are weak. This is the sad reality. Unless a true superpower steps in, Arabs are helpless to do anything. The Arab League is divided between dictators and those who have succeeded broken countries. Each sit protectively over their own hovel and jealously guard their power from perceived threats, afraid that any serious move could shake the flimsy throne they have built. The people are manipulated, easily divided into two on trivial issues. Brotherhood vs. Secular, Western vs. Arab.

If the Arabs truly had power, Palestine would not be in the state it’s in today.

That’s why Western intervention, for the time being, is necessary. The Syrian people have put up a brave, heroic battle. But they are a people fighting not just one man and his army, but nations.

A no fly-zone will give the Free Syrian army a much needed chance to equal the playing boards. Yes, people will shout accusations of Western intervention and imperialism. But I think we need to finally point out the hypocrisy of staying silent when children are butchered in contrast to the outbursts of anger over Western intervention.

I believe that Syria will be free. Bashaar can never go back to the way things were. There’s been too much blood, and the longer he keeps this up, the closer he is to Gadhafi’s fate. But we need to swallow our pride and accept the fact that we need all the help we can get, at least for now.


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