Why Libya is the Best Country in the Middle East (And the World)

1) Total Freedom

Yup. Complete and total liberty. What nation in our neck of the woods can say whatever they want without fear of imprisonment, or, as is the usual favorite with tyrants, horrific murder? Not many. But while Lebanon also boasts freedom of speech, Libya takes pride in it’s freedom of punching-out-anyone-you-disagree-with. Take that, Beirut.

2) Benghazi

The best city ever. You haven’t lived until you experience near death every time you climb into a car while witnessing a blatant disregard for the law from almost every citizen. All this as the city continues to function, much to the mystification of the world.

3) ‘Aseeda

Gooey, buttery dough covered in molasses and honey. Need I say more? I think a couple of other countries have this dish or a similar variation, but screw them. Libya does it best!

4) Oil

Libya has the sweetest oil in the world. No, we don’t drink it, stop being an idiot. What that means is our oil is the cheapest and easiest to refine on account of its superior quality cough*saudi*cough

5) The Sahara 

Only a small portion of Libya’s land is actually inhabited, mostly concentrated on the coast. That’s because a vast expanse of the land is taken up by desert, a brutal, terrifying desert that would turn even the bravest of adventurers into agoraphobes. If the heat or dangerous animals don’t get you, the roving band of smugglers probably will. It’s been rumored that Gadhafi hid millions of dollars worth of treasure in the desert, along with many of his enemies.

6) Hearts of Gold

The people of Libya can be a difficult, uncouth lot. Years of oppression have made them distrustful and moody. It’s hard to catch a Libyan smiling. But they are a strong, proud people, who’s hospitality is matched only by their generosity. A Libyan travelling abroad will never be in trouble if other Libyans are nearby.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It would take libraries of books to sing the praises of Libya and it’s people. This is but an insight to pique your interest.


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