The Night Before Eid

It’s always a treat to go out on the eve of Eid day. That is, if you don’t have last minute shopping to do. Parents are usually rushing by, kids in hand, to get the final touches for their children’s Eid outfit. Even some of the parents buy new clothes. Gotta look spiffy on Eid, ya know!

This year there was a lot of tables and stands, selling everything from kids toys (a must), perfumes, candy, shoes, basically anything to distract already hectic Eid shoppers. But, unlike the commercialized holidays in America, these trimmings just add to the celebration, they don’t define them.

Also present were the mouth-watering pastries in the halawani, the bakeries. You always gotta have a ready supply of these in the house for Eid visitors.

High above, fireworks go off, as they have been for the past couple of days. All these festivities before the festivities last well into the night, until people go back home to catch a few hours of rest before the early morning Eid prayers.

Here are some Eid Eve pictures in Benghazi (sorry for the blurriness) –

This was around 12 in the morning, extremely busy


Libyans love having their picture taken ❤

Libyans have mad driving skills

First Eid without Gadhafi! =D


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