Palestine, Just the Facts

It appears that when, in 2009, the world said, ‘There’s no way *israel could stoop any lower’, the Zionist entity decided to take that as a challenge. Over the past few days israel has conducted another merciless raid against the Gaza Strip, in the name of self-defense against the rain of rockets that Hamas had been launching. The world has, predictably, divided itself into two sides, with each outraged party shrieking their anger and indignation at each other, as though it were them in the middle of a war.

“They suffer from rockets continuously, are they supposed to just sit and take it?”

“They don’t even have air raid sirens and shelters, they’re just sitting ducks for the strikes!”

And on and on. What these newly converted human rights activists have failed to notice, however, is that this has been going on for the past couple of months. The media has decided to turn it into an issue because, it seems, Syria got boring and the Benghazi attack became stale.

Granted, the strikes and rockets were not as intense as they are now, but the skirmishes and death toll have been there all the same. Hamas lobs rockets at what it perceives is the entity that’s been imposing an siege on the patch of land assigned to them by third-party groups, israel strikes back in an attempt to stifle the stream of rockets that invariably land in civilian areas.

As you can see, my attempt to be fair to both sides is strained and a glaring failure. It is a feat that is virtually impossible in what is likely to be the most subjective conflict ever to exist. You can still tell by my tone that I’m very Pro-Palestinian. No one is objective, no one has refused to take a side. You would know, you do it too; monitoring the conflict from certain news agencies that are most likely to subtly sympathize with your chosen side. That would be Al-Jazeera and almost all Arab media if you’re Pro-Palestinian, and FOX News many Western-based media for the Pro-israelis.

What is beginning to shock me about this conflict is it’s ability to turn otherwise normal people into monsters. The death of innocent civilians, on either side, is seen as collateral, or a fate that is deserved. We’re willing to bend our ethics in favour of our arbitrary definition of justice. Consistency is difficult to find in such an emotional issue. So many crucial and very human factors are in play; religion, ethnicity, identity, loyalty.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was, not to write a bleeding hearts piece on the side I support, but to put down some facts and them speak for themselves:

1. The Gaza Strip has been under a blockade and economic sanctions since 2006 by israel. 

2. Hamas was democratically elected in the Palestinian Legislative elections in 2006, but have yet to relinquish power. 

3. Rockets from the Gaza strip have been launched at israel since 2001; as of 2009, 28 israelis were killed as a result. 

4. The United States has vetoed over 35 UN Security Council Resolutions that condemn or are critical of israel.

5. In this latest operation against the Gaza Strip, 91 Palestinian civilians and four israeli civilians have been killed.

6. Since the year 2000, 6622 Palestinians have been killed in the Occupied Territories and israel. 1097 israelis, including security force personnel, have been killed since then. 

As of November 21, a very fragile cease-fire is currently in place.

* I don’t capitalize the word ‘israel’ because I don’t recognize its legitimacy as a country.

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