A new post means another semester is finally over! I’ve now completed three full years in architecture (no mean feat) and only two more to go.

I have, however, been up to more than just building designs. I wrote a brief article last month on the second anniversary celebrations in Libya, which were, as always, indescribable. They were also much needed, because the morale of the country has been down lately. You can read the full article here –

In a move that can be described as audacious (and, by my classmates, suicidal), I headed off to Istanbul for 5 days right before our final exams began. The MEPI Conference was being held, and there was really nothing that could have stopped me from heading back to see my Georgetown family.

Which is what reminded me of this blog, actually. We met with Prof. J.R.Osborn, who helped us hone our blogging skills, as well as Prof. Eric Langenbacher, Prof. Chris Shirley and the always busy Catie. 🙂

Mere words are inadequate to describe how I felt when I saw my Georgetowners. At the same time, Ikram said it best; it was like the 6 months between DC and Istanbul didn’t even happen. We picked up where we left off almost instantly.

However, a lot of things did change, and a lot of feelings. I think the circumstances of how we first met altered how we would normally behave and interact. The people we were in the United States were a more filtered, or maybe more intense version of who we really are. At least I think so.

But Istanbul felt so real, like we were finally seeing everything properly. It’s unfortunate that they were only 4 days. There was a certain note of finality in the reunion. But, also, a lot of future promises.


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