Liebster Award

I’ve just stumbled on to this pretty cool concept in the blogosphere, called the Liebster Award, where relatively unknown bloggers with less than 200 followers are nominated to answer questions about themselves, from the blogger who nominated them, and then ask questions to their own nominees. The aim is to get bloggers to get to know more about each other.

I was nominated for this award by a pretty cool blog called ‘From Hope to Peace’, which details the bloggers’ experience in israel. The rules are:

• Post 11 facts about myself
• Answer 11 questions from my nominator
• Nominate my own set of 11 deserving bloggers
• Ask them 11 questions

Alright, strap in, let’s go!

11 Personal Facts:

1. I am technically North African, which means a mix of Greek, Phoenician, Moor, Berber, Arab, and every other racial group that settled into Libya in the past thousands of years. But since it’s almost impossible to tell your exact ethnicity in Libya, we just say Arab.

2. The fact that I started this list with my race will tell you that I’m interested in genealogy and origins, and how people define themselves based on these indicators.

3. I know that debating politics will end in a headache and a dreadful sense of helplessness to change the world. But I do it anyways, because I can’t keep my opinions to myself.

4. I’m socially awkward, until I get to know you really well, and then I’ll just be regular awkward.

5. I’m an architecture student who is indifferent to architecture. The only building I’ve ever fallen in love with is the US Capitol.

6. I love Canada, it’s where I was raised and I’ll forever be grateful for the education and the opportunities I got from that country.

7. I will argue against an argument if everyone else supports it, even if I actually support it as well.

8. I have a love/hate relationship with feminism.

9. I can go for long periods of time blatantly denying the reality in front of me.

10. I cringe inwardly every time I’m forced to type ‘lol’ in a conversation, it only happens in the most desperate situations.

11. I value honesty and dedication to principles above all else in others.

Hope to Peace’s questions for me

1. What does it feel like to be you?

Mostly confusing, but there are some great highlights to my life.

2. What does peace mean to you?

Feeling comfortable with who you are in the place you live.

3. Which is the most important human right to you?

Freedom of speech, hands down.

4. Which conflict do you know the most about?

If you mean political, it would have to be the Libyan uprising, and the 42 years under the Gadhafi dictatorship, because I lived in the middle of both.

5. Which person do you look up to the most, excluding family members?

One of my university professors, Dr. Aziza Safour. She’s a strong, educated woman who still has time to raise a family.

5. How do you let loose when everything threatens to overwhelm you?

I get lost in a good book, or write it out.

7. What is the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

A summer exchange program I participated in at Georgetown University. Amazing people, eye-opening experience, can’t describe it better than that.

8. When are you most likely to have a brainwave?

Late at night, usually when I’m listening to music.

9. How long does it take you to write a post?

Depends on the topic. Current events are often written quickly, when I’m still in the moment of the incident, while thoughtful posts take longer (between 1-2 hours).

10. Which is your favourite blog post?

My most self-aggrandizing one 🙂

11. Where do you get your news from?

Yahoo! News and Facebook. The New Yorker when I’m feeling intellectually snobby.

My Nominees (will be updating this one as I get to know more bloggers)

1. Mary’s blog, E7kili. 

2. Starry Gee

3. Another Place

4. The World According to Friday

My 11 Questions for the Nominees

1. Can you name one book that has changed or life, or at least paused and made you think?

2. If there was one law in your country that you could change, what would it be?

3. What’s your favorite flavour of chips?

4. What’s your preferred method of social media?

5. If you could hop into a time machine and check out any era in history, which would you choose?

6. Why did you start blogging?

7. What do you think about Libya? 🙂

8. What’s the first that comes to mind when I ask for your favorite quote?

9. Which do you believe is more important, self-education or academic education?

10. What’s the best food experience you’ve ever had?

11. Do you think the globalization and instant outreach created by the internet has done more good or bad to the world?


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