This blog initially began as a way for me to chronicle the events of the 2011 Libyan revolution as I witnessed them in Benghazi. It then turned into a space where I could vent about the situation in Libya and the deteriorating situation in Benghazi since those initial days.

Today, the blog has become a space in which I write about topics that are of interest to me, focusing on Libyan architecture, urban design, culture and literature, among other things. The amount of Libya-related content in English online is minimal, and the number goes down when factoring in content produced by Libyans from inside the country. The aim of this site is to add one more Libyan voice to the ether.

All views are my own, and represent only myself.

15 thoughts on “Bio

  1. God, where do I start… I found you by chance on the internet, after I googled the open letter to Serraj which was mentioned on the Libyan Herald/ or was ist Lana..hmm not sure, anyhow!

    Amazing, all that so so so identical true thoughts you write here touch my Libyan double chafra Heart so badly, I am ready to cry out of agony, sadness and homesicknes! I miss my country, and miss the way it was.. I miss the safety the was once and its beauty!

    God bless your spirt, AMAZING SOUL that you are..

    Love, D.

  2. Excellent read and really refreshing! Thank you! I would like to know more about Libyan culture, especially if there any artists that works with the topic of refugees leaving Libya for Europe?

  3. Hi there this is a fascinating blog. I am currently doing a dissertation on Libyan and Sub Saharan African relations. I wanted to know if I can contact you via email if you can share your views on what Libya’s ‘African’ identity mean after the Arab Spring. My email is

  4. Hi,
    I’m making a documentary in the UK about music around the world and am looking for musicians in Tripoli/Benghazi with interesting stories to tell. If you have any ideas or contacts I’d love to hear them at the email address provided. Thanks!

  5. أهلا
    أنا تابعت و قرأت المقالات العدة الموجودة في هذا الموقع. و إنني منبهر بتحاليلها و جل محتواها. أنصح الكاتب(ة) بالتقديم لجامعة إلينوي في أوربانا شامبين. أنا طالب دكتوراة هناك في قسم التعليم و علم الإجتماع. بإمكانك التقديم على قسم علم الإجتماع أو التخطيط المدني. و يوفرون منح تشمل كل شيء. لو عندك أي أسئلة لا تخجل(ي) في التواصل مع على الإيميل أدناه.

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