This blog initially began as a way for me to chronicle the events of the 2011 Libyan revolution as I witnessed them in Benghazi. Since then, it’s turned into a space where I vent about the situation in Libya, as well as writings on topics I find interesting (Libyan culture, architecture, etc.)

All views are, of course, my own, and represent only myself.


14 thoughts on “Bio

  1. God, where do I start… I found you by chance on the internet, after I googled the open letter to Serraj which was mentioned on the Libyan Herald/ or was ist Lana..hmm not sure, anyhow!

    Amazing, all that so so so identical true thoughts you write here touch my Libyan double chafra Heart so badly, I am ready to cry out of agony, sadness and homesicknes! I miss my country, and miss the way it was.. I miss the safety the was once and its beauty!

    God bless your spirt, AMAZING SOUL that you are..

    Love, D.

  2. Excellent read and really refreshing! Thank you! I would like to know more about Libyan culture, especially if there any artists that works with the topic of refugees leaving Libya for Europe?

  3. Hi there this is a fascinating blog. I am currently doing a dissertation on Libyan and Sub Saharan African relations. I wanted to know if I can contact you via email if you can share your views on what Libya’s ‘African’ identity mean after the Arab Spring. My email is

  4. Hi,
    I’m making a documentary in the UK about music around the world and am looking for musicians in Tripoli/Benghazi with interesting stories to tell. If you have any ideas or contacts I’d love to hear them at the email address provided. Thanks!

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